The Introduction to NLP for Business Leaders

If you're interested in NLP and how you could apply it to create business results, here's a good place to start.

Your FREE copy of ''The Introduction to NLP for Business Leaders'' includes:

  • What is NLP? - a simple explanation of this fascinating subject
  • The 4 key areas of application of NLP in the workplace - at least one of these will apply to you
  • 2 case studies of organisations where the leaders trained in NLP - and the extraordinary results they achieved. One of these case studies won a National Training Award!
  • NLP training and certification explained - what it means to be a ''Practitioner'' of NLP and how relevant that is to you
  • A checklist of benefits to your organisation if your employees learn NLP
  • A list of 10 recommended books that I personally selected as the best NLP books for business leaders
  • 3 of my favourite NLP techniques that you can use immediately
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